We are a financial education, services, and investment firm. We provide top-notch complimentary financial education (FinEd) and partner with a financial product distribution company via a consortium of A-rated, platinum provider companies to offer customized financial solutions to our clients.

Our Values

We hold and place our values – THE – at the core of every business transaction and client relationship management:


We believe transparent business transactions build client’s trust, loyalty, and patronage


We are honest about everything we do and are quick to admit where we come short and learn


We strive to keep the law, not break it!

Our Culture

What could stop a collection of people with a shared culture – BITS – from achieving anything? NOTHING!


We set bold and ambitious goals and get to work to accomplish them


We strongly believe inclusivity and diversity are the cornerstones to our success


We care deeply about our teams and go all out to support every team member


We obsess and deliver exceptional service to our clients each and every time

We are Team HEART! and we look for people with HEART qualities [Humble – Effective – Adaptable – Resilient and – Teachable] to join our team


CEO / Managing Principal


John Idoko Ejembi

John Idoko Ejembi holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Geosciences. He started his career in the financial services industry in Nigeria before relocating to the U.S. for graduate studies. Although Dr. Ejembi enjoys scientific research/collaborative technical work as well as teaching and will continue to devote a part of his time toward those efforts, his life’s goal is to build a top-notch financial services and investment firm that cater to the needs of everyone, especially middle-income families that could not afford the services of a financial advisor.

Dr. Ejembi strongly believes that everyone deserves sound financial education because financial literacy is a prerequisite to making good financial decisions which ultimately translates to wealth creation, preservation, and transfer. As a licensed financial professional and investor with interests in managing financial assets and a range of diversified investment portfolios, Dr. Ejembi believes financial services and advisory present the best opportunity for him to make the most positive impact in his lifetime.

Dr. Ejembi is on the faculty of the Physics, Engineering, and Geosciences Division at Lone Star College where he instructs college and university physics courses on an adjunct basis.

Dr. Ejembi is married to his college sweetheart, and they are blessed with three kids.